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How to monitor employee with Any Keylogger for Mac?

You can monitor employees' computer activities with an employee monitoring program.
Any Keylogger for Mac is a simple but effective employee monitoring program that can help you to record
employees Mac activities in stealthy mode.

If you're a business owner or administrator of a company who is worried about Mac Internet abuse, Any Keylogger for Mac, our employee monitoring software for Mac is for you. Now you'll know exactly what your employee are doing and how them are spending their time during working hours.

Any Keylogger for Mac, as job tracking software for Mac, is easy to use and powerful program for remote computer monitoring of users activities. It can record and log everything your employees do - from recording employee keystrokes typed and website visits, to applications launched and screenshots.

To learn more about how to monitor employees' Mac activities with Any Keylogger for Mac, please click here.

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Two Steps Achieve Employee Monitoring

  Configure basic settings

After installation, just enter the interface of the software and then set time interval of screenshots and email address to ensure you can receive logs based on your requirements.

 View logs

You can definitely view logs sent via emails, or directly check the records on the software by clicking on the items in main interface.

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