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With rich features, Any Employee Monitoring is world's best enterprise monitoring software. Any Employee Monitoring can help administrators of companies manage and control employees' network usage during working hours to ensure enterprise productivity and data security.

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Any Employee Monitoring

version 5.1, update on Nov.7,2013

Any Employee Monitoring is designed for admin of enterprise to monitor and control all computers found in your company. It can be used to not only records computer activities, including screenshots, emails, IM chats, visited websites, programs launched, used files, print and traffic, but also control and restrain your computers activities.

It is an easy to install and use program produced for no matter what size of teams. With a lot of outstanding features, you can easily manage your company's computer and network use.

Key Features

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Screen Monitoring
Support multi-screen monitoring in real time. Up to 16 PCs can be watched and monitored at the same time

  • Up to 16 PCs in a screen
  • screen real time

Website Visit Monitoring
Record all visited websites with HTML tile and URL. Support IE, Firefox, Chrome and many more browsers.

  • with HTML tile and URL
  • Record visited time

Chat Monitoring
Record all instant messages sent and received by MSN, QQ and Ali Wang Wang.

  • Record messages sent
  • Record messages received

Application Monitoring
Be able to remotely end the process of any applications running in employees' PCs.

  • Record applications name and path
  • Remotely end running applications

Remote Control
Remotely shut down, restart employees' PCs & Remotely manage all documents in employees' PCs.

  • shut down, restart employees' PCs
  • Send remote notifications
  • Check employees' window list and process list, and be able to close every window and application.

Block Functions
Block websites, applocations and port for employees' computer

  • Allow employees to browse specified websites, or create a block list of sites
  • block some applications from running
  • Block ports in employees' PCs, such as Internet port, game port, chat port and so on

Alert and Report Functions
Alert employer when some special things happened, such as USB Alert, File copy alert...

  • Alert admin when a USB flash drive is plugged in employee's PC
  • Alert admin when a file is copied from employee's PC
  • Show admin the statistics of applications usage in bar or pie chart.

Documents and Printing Monitoring
Record all operations happened on documents; Record all printing logs with detailed information

  • Monitor copy, cut, delete, rename other operations on folders
  • Monitor printer type, time, user, printed files, and printer name

Email and Traffic Monitoring
Record all emails sent and received; Monitor traffic of employees' PCs

  • Record emails with time, recipient, sender, title, and content.
  • Monitor traffic in real time
  • Find abnormal traffic situation