Any keylogger

Anykeylogger for Mac user guide

Step 1: Start Any Keylogger for Mac

How Any Keylogger for Mac works?
Any Keylogger for Mac secretly runs in the background and will not be detected by users as well as anti-virus software. It is can secretly record all activities on your Mac including texts typed, website visited, screenshots and applications launched. It will automatically operate in 100% hidden mode when you boot up your Mac, Any Keylogger for Mac still monitor your Mac even if you close it or hide it in the background.

Activate and Run Any Keylogger for Mac
After installing Any Keylogger for Mac, the main interface will immediately pop up. If the main interface fails to appear, you can press hotkey of Ctrl+Shift+Alt+K to activate it.

View Logs
In the main interface, you can see all monitored logs, just click one item you want to view and the detailed information will be shown on the right.

Close Program
You should know that the program is still operating in the background if you just click "X" to close the main interface. If you want to stop monitoring the Mac, you must uninstall the program in the setting window.
keylogger for mac

Step 2: Settings

In this window, you can change the activation hotkey. And the screenshot settings can also be assigned here.

If you don't want other users to access to this program or view the logs taken by this program, you can set a password for the app in "Password" window.
mac keylogger password

Email & Logs
In this window, you can set time intervals of logs clean.Check "Clean logs every", enter the interval and then the program will automatically clean up logs based on the setting.
Any Keylogger for Mac provides you with the function of logs delivery, you can set your email address to receive the reports of monitoring logs.
Note: this function only support Gmail.
mac keylogger email setting