Any keylogger

How to catch a cheater via computer with keylogger software?

You can catch your cheating spouse using a piece of computer monitoring software.
Anykeylogger is the world's best computer monitoring software that can help you to collect evidence on the computer
by recording all activities on target computer.

As the rapid development of modern communication tools, people can connect with others by not only cell phone but also instant messaging software. Therefore, checking his/her messages and calls is absolutely not enough. How to catch a cheating spouse?

Any Keylogger is a type of catching cheating spouse software, which can help you to get logs of your spouse on computer to find whether your spouse is cheating.

Anykeylogger only works with Windows Operating Systems.

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  Activate features

In the main interface of Anykeylogger you must first switch on the button "Status", make sure the states of functions you want to use are on.

  Configure basic settings

In "Screenshots", set "Capture Interval" and relevant settings about screen shots. And in delivery window, set and test the email address that's used to receive logs.

  View logs

Back to" Status", click on "View Log", choose one item you want to view, and then the detailed records will be shown on the right.

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