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How to Filter Internet Content for Kids on Windows?

You can filter inappropriate Internet contents on children's computer using a Site Filter program.
Anykeylogger has a feature of website block that can help parents filter some certain sites on kids' computer.

Filter inappropriate Internet contents on children's computer is one of the most effective way to protect children from porn, violence or other inappropriate contents on the Internet.

To filter inappropriate Internet contents, you need to add the keyword contained on the sites URL or directly add the site URL on block list, and then apply it on the computer. Or you can also only set a list of allowed sites for the computer so children can only connect the sites in the list.

As a parent, you may want to find a web filter to help you create a safe online environment for your kids. Internet filters can block offensive contents and improper websites to protect kids out of porn, violent or other forms of cyber bullying.

Anykeylogger, as an Internet parental control tool, can effectively filter websites. What's more, with it, parents can also set time control on kids' Internet use.

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Simple operation brings about convenience

  Activate monitoring

After installation, in the main interface you should keep the main switch "Status" on.

  Add keywords of URLs in block list

Check "Enable Website Filter", choose "blocked keyword", and then you can input words in the following box to add it to the blocked list;
or you can choose "Allowed Websites", here you can enter the website address in the box to add it to the allowed items.

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