Any keylogger

How to Monitor Computer on Windows?

You can monitor computer using computer monitoring software.
Anykeylogger, as one of the world's best computer monitoring software, can help you monitoring software
by recording all activities happened on the computer.

Companies and organizations more or less have the problem to manage their employees' activity on the Internet during the working time. Parents may have the same problems for kids in parental control on computer. Therefore, many of them turn to computer monitor software for help.

Anykeylogger is outstanding software that is capable to record any actions on computer such as keystrokes, mouse clicks, launched programs, visited websites, conversations on Skype, social network activities and even the e-mails sent and received.

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Monitoring computer in 3 steps

  Switch on monitoring features

Switch on the button "Status",
make sure the states of functions you want to use are on.

  Preset basic settings

In "Screenshots", set "Capture Interval" and relevant settings about screen shots.
If you want to receive logs on other computer, you must set and test email delivery settings in "Delivery" window.

  View logs

Back to" Status", click on "View Log", choose one item you want to view, and then the detailed
records will be shown on the right. Or you can check emails if you preset the delivery settings.

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