Any keylogger

How to monitor computer screen?

You can monitor computer screen using a piece of computer screen monitoring software.
Anykeylogger with its advanced feature of snapping computer desktop can capture your computer desktop situation
and save as pictures.

Does someone stealthily use your computer? Does your kid visit websites that contain negative information at home? Does someone enter your computer when you are out?

Anykeylogger's screenshot feature can help you to solve those problems by capturing computer desktop based on your preset time interval. Since it runs hidden on the background, users in the foreground cannot find it. And the function of computer screen monitoring lets you know about use case of you computer by saving screen pictures.

Click here to download Anykeylogger, and begin monitoring computer screen.

We make monitoring computer screen simple

  Ensure monitoring features are on

Activate the software by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A". Switch on the button "Status".

  Basic settings

In "Screenshots", set "Capture Interval" and the program will capture screen
based on your setting.

  View logs

Navigate to" Status", click "View Log", choose" Screenshot",
and then you can get the computer screenshots on the right.

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