Any keylogger

How to monitor E-mail with Any Keylogger on Windows7/8/XP?

You can track email send and received using email monitoring software.
Anykeylogger has features of recording keystrokes and capturing computer desktop, so it's able to keep track of
the emails send to other people and grasp some contents the other side sends to you.

If you want to record all emails send to other persons, you can use Anykeylogger to help record the keystrokes struck on keyboard. If you are concerned that children may receive harassing emails, you can check the screenshots of the received emails and judge whether your kids have encountered harassment.

An email tracking software like Any Keylogger is such a program that is specialized in monitoring emails and capturing all activity on computer.

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Monitoring Email is simple

  Activate features

Make sure the "Status" is on. Switch on features of "keystroke logging" and "screen capture".

  Configure basic settings

Navigate to "Screenshots", configure screenshots settings as you need.

  Check logs

In main window, click "View Log" then you enter the logging windows.Click Email/WebMail", you can view the screenshot and keystrokes of the email logged by the program.

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