Any keylogger

How to monitor employee on Windows7/8/XP?

You can monitor employees' computer activities using computer monitoring software.
Anykeylogger is world's best computer monitoring software that can help you monitoring employees' computer by recording all their activities on computer, helping you monitoring employees' computer remotely.

To monitor employees' computer, you need to install Anykeylogger on their computer, and then activate all features of the software. Preset the email delivery time interval and email address so the program will send the logs collected by Anykeylogger to you via emails.

Anykeylogger can works with all Windows Operating systems. If you want to monitor employees' computer, you are advised to inform employees of the monitoring action to avoid potential legal disputes.

Click the button below to monitor employees' computer right now.

To your surprise, it's simple

  Activate the program

Activate the software from the background by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A". In main interface, switch on "Status" button and other features you need to use.

  Choose user you want to monitor

Admin may install Anykeylogger in more than one computer. Before monitoring, you need to click "General", and then choose users you want to monitor.

  View logs

Back to main interface, click on "View Log", choose item to view the relevant records in viewer.

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