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How to Monitor Internet by Internet Monitoring Software?

You can monitor the Internet using Internet monitoring software.
Anykeylogger, as effective Internet monitoring software, can help you monitor the Internet usage by recording all Internet activities happened on target computer.

You may need to monitor children's Internet usage or employees' Internet activities during working hours. Parents worry that children may spend too much time on the Internet browsing inappropriate online contents; administrator of the business are concerned employees spend working hours on the Internet searching sites unrelated to work or leak enterprise data or information via the Internet.

Anykeylogger can help you solve the problems above. Parents can use it or block inappropriate sites and limit computer use time on children's computer. Employers make use of it to collect the logs of employees' computer activities and then check whether employees breached company's regulations.

Click on the button below, and begin monitoring the Internet.

It's easy to monitor

  Switch on monitoring features

After installation, you can enter the main interface of Anykeylogger. Activate the monitoring features on interface.

  Configure general settings

In "General" window set screen capture time interval and other settings about screenshots.

  View logs

You can directly activate the software from background and then enter "View Log" to check logs collected by the program.

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