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How to monitor LAN with Any Employee Monitoring?

You can monitor local area network (LAN) using a piece of LAN monitoring software.
Any Employee Monitoring is world's best LAN monitoring software that can help administrators or employers of businesses keep track of activities happened on LAN of company.

Any Employee Monitoring, as one of powerful and outstanding LAN monitoring program, captures the screen of employee's computer in real time. In addition to this, it can also be used to remotely control the employee's computer.

This LAN Monitoring tool has functions like normal computer monitoring program, such as logging all keystroke, logging websites visit, logging files used, blocking applications, and blocking websites. You can also use it to remotely control employee's computer and documents in PCs. It is possible to log off, shut down, restart and lock off the target computers from manager's PC.

Download the program here, and begin to monitor LAN with Any Employee Monitoring.

This is not a difficult work

  Search for target users

Click "Edit"-> "Scan" to search for users, and then all the users can be monitored will be shown in the left. If the program fails to find out the user you want to monitor, you can click "add user" and input account name to add it to the left.

  View logs

Choose user you want to view, and then click on any item on the top of the main window to view the logs.

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