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How to monitor network with Any Employee Monitoring?

You can monitor network using network tracking software.
Any Employee Monitoring software is the world's best network tracking software that can he;p administractors or employers of companiesn keep track of the company network conditions.

If you operate a business, one of the most important things is well manage all computers' activities and network in your company. Effective network and computer management are good for admin of a business to ensure employees working efficiency.

Any Employee Monitoring allows you to record all your employees' computer activities. It can be successfully used for monitoring behavior of LAN and Internet applications and services. You can find this network monitoring tool with rich features useful for company network management, such as documents monitoring, chat monitoring, website monitoring and network traffic monitoring, web filter, remote file management, etc.

If you want to monitor network of your company, please click on the button to download the software.

Only two steps, done!

  Scan target users

Click "Edit"-> "Scan" to search for target users. If the program fails to search for a target user you want to monitor, click add user to enter the account name of targer user to add it in to the monitoring list on the left.

  View monitoring logs

Click on the target user on the left and then choose one item to view the logs.

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