Any keylogger

How to monitor visited websites?

You can monitor website using website monitoring software.
Anykeylogger is world's best site monitoring software that can monitor browsed websites history by
recording visited sites URLs, visiting time and page name.

Tracking visited sites is one of Anykeylogger's advanced features, which can track visited sites' URLs, visited time and other information. Website monitoring feature is an important and indispensable feature for parents, for this feature helps parents master more about what children have done on the Internet.

Anykeylogger automatically works on background when computer get started, and it's compatible with all Windows Operating systems.

Click on the button to download the trial version of Anykeylogger, and then begin to monitor websites.

To monitor website? Only need 2 steps!

  Activate monitoring features

In main interface of Anykeylogger, switch on "Status" and "Websites Visited".

  View logs

In main interface, click on "View Log", and then click on "Website" in Viewer, all detailed information about visited websites will be shown on the right.

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