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How to realize YouTube Parental Controls?

You can realize YouTube parental control using parental control software.
Anykeylogger is world's best parental control software that can help parents monitor children's YouTube use with website monitoring and parental control features.

As we all know, browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are posing solutions to parental control, besides, some social networks like YouTube also support parental control function of safe mode for parents to save children out of offensive contents in YouTube.

However, you should know website and content block is not enough to protect kids online, what if children chat with people in improper topic? Of course, it's also a serious problem if you children spend too much time surfing the Internet, which is very harmful to children's physical health.

Any Keylogger is a piece of parental control for YouTube software to manage and control children's activities on YouTube by monitoring kids' computer or blocking the use of YouTube.

Click here to download the software to begin to realize parental control on YouTube.

One-time setup, forever monitoring

Configure screenshot settings

In "Screenshots", configure "Capture Interval" and other settings about screen shots to ensure you can get proper screenshots.

  Preset parental control

You can add YouTube into site block list to prevent children browsing YouTube, or restrict Internet use time to limit children's YouTube browsing time.

  View logs

Back to" Status", click "View Log" to enter the logging window. You can view the websites visited in the "websites" item, and click the "Screenshoots", the screen captured will be presented on the right box.

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