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How to record Skype chat activities?

You can record Skype chat using chat recording software.
With the advanced features of keystroke recording and screenshot capture,
Anykeylogger can help you record Skype chat.

Skype, as a type of instant messaging software, can be considered as a terminator for the age of traditional communication. And an increasing number of people are using it instead of phone. Nevertheless, Skype leads to potential threats for us. Parents may worry that their kids will meet scoundrels via Skype, and the potential of love affairs produced by chatting will be a great worry for the wife/husband to spouse.

Now keylogger for windows 7 will help you out of those problems. With the function of recording Skype conversation, getting Skype conversation history is just a piece of cake. Everyone can operate it if only you are able to use computer, for it is a type of convenient and user friendly software.

Download Anykeylogger here and then begin to record Skype chat now.

Simple, but effective

  Preset screenshots settings

In "Screenshots", set "Capture Interval" and relevant settings about screen shots.

  Check logs

In "Status" interface, click "View Log" to enter the logging window.
Click "Screenshot", you can find Skype running records.
You can get all the chatting contents by clicking "IM chat"->"Skype".

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