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How to remotely monitoring employee?

You can remotely monitor employee using a remote employee monitoring program.
Any Employee Monitoring software is world's best remotely employee monitoring software that can help you remotely monitor
employees computer activities in real time.

Do your employees make use of computer and the Internet for purpose unrelated to your business during their working hours? Do they work hard all the time whether you are watching them or not?

Proper surveillance and disciplines for employees can effectively improve their efficiency and productivity. That's to say, employees tend to perform better when they are being monitored. Any Employee Monitoring can effectively fulfill this task for you by remotely monitoring employee's PC.

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Simplicity improves efficiency

  Scan the users

Click on "Edit"-> "Scan", and then the program will automatically search for users with "agent" client. You can also click on "Edit"-> "Add user" to enter account name to add it to the left.

  Customize settings

Click "customize"-> "Screen Monitoring", and then configure basic settings of screenshot below.
Click "customize"-> "Monitoring Time", you can set monitor time here.

  View logs

Click on the target user on the left and then choose one item to view the logs.

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