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How to spy employees' PC activities with Any Employee Monitoring?

You can spy employees' computers during working hours using employee monitoring software.
Any Employee Monitoring is world's best employee monitoring software that can help you to monitor employees' computer activities during working hours.

Any Employee Monitoring, as an employee spy program, excels in spying employee's computer. With it, you can easily know how your employees perform, for this program allows you to know every activity of your employee and gather evidence for their misconducts.

It works like normal computer monitoring program, it can record visited websites, applications launched, files used, keystrokes typed, etc. What's more, it has functions that allow you to block some certain websites, programs, port usage.

If you want to use a program to remotely control employees' PCs, you must use Any Employee Monitoring, for it provides remote control function for users, which helps admin of a business to easily control and spy employees' computers.

If you are the one who need this program, please download it here and have a try.

It's simple to use

  Search for target users

Click on "Edit"-> "Scan" to search for service client installed in employees' PCs.
You also click on "Add" and enter account name to add the target user to the left list.

  Customize settings

Click "customize"-> "Screen Monitoring", and then configure basic settings of screenshot below.
Click "customize"-> "Monitoring Time", you can set monitor time here.

  View logs

Click on the target user on the left and then choose one item to view the logs.

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