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How to track computer activities with computer tracking application?

You can track computer activity using computer tracking software.
Anykeylogger is the world's best computer tracking software that can help you keep track of all activities on computer by
recording visited sites, keystrokes, capturing screenshots and logging clipboard operations.

For certain consideration of security aspect, there is a requirement of tracking computer. As a worrying parent, if your child spends too much time on computer, you have to pay attention on their online behavior when there are so many violent games which may harm them. Or as the administrator of an organization, using computer tracking software can assure you safety when the employees are not on their duties.

Any Keylogger is effective and powerful Internet tracking software that is designed for tracking and capture all activities on computers and laptops.

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Several clicks finish monitoring

  Ensure monitoring features are on

Activate the software from background, enter the main interface. Switch on "Status" button, and activate other features you need to use.

  Configure basic settings

To make the program monitor computer in accordance with your requirements, set screenshots settings in "Screenshots".

  Check logs after a period of monitoring

Click "status"->"View Log", and then you can view any records by clicking.

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