Any keylogger

Advanced invisible keylogger to monitor computer

Invisibility is a common feature of almost all the computer monitoring software.
Anykeylogger, as the world's best computer monitoring software, also can work invisibly
on the background of the computer.

The invisible Any Keylogger can run hidden and don't be seen in the task manager, system tray, and program files menu. It can work in stealthy mode and completely undetectable to other people.

With the functions of recording keystrokes, email, instant messenger logs, applications launched, websites visited.

Any Keylogger is a right choice for parental control, employee monitor, since it's easy to use if only you can basically operate the computer.

Give a try to the advanced invisible keylogger right now! Click here to download the program.

Activate it using hotkey

  There are three ways to activate the software

You can activate it by pressing the default hotkey of "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A"; input the default magic word "unhidekey" in Notepad or Calc; or enter "runkey" in Run dialog in Windows Start menu to activate the application.

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