Any keylogger

How to record keystrokes on Mac?

You can record keystrokes on Mac using keystroke recording software for Mac.
Any Keylogger for Mac is world's best keystroke recording software that can log keystrokes struck on keyboard.
Note that it's able to record all keystrokes including user name and password typed in applications; and everything typed in websites except website password (it can record website password in 10.6 OS).

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to monitor someone's online activities, Any Keylogger for Mac is Mac keystroke logger that can effectively record screenshots, Web history, chat contents and keystrokes for Mac.

Anykeylogger for Mac seems suitable for worried parents to monitor their kids' online activities, business owners to manage employees Internet use, and suspicious husbands and wives.

The main features of Any Keylogger for Mac are its ability to record every keystroke, Web site, screenshots, and application executed on the Mac.

Anykeylogger for Mac runs in stealth mode, and is very hard to detect when running.

Click on the button to download the installation package.

Just install and then view logs

  After a period of monitoring, check logs collected by Anykeylogger

In main interface, click "Tests" under target account, and then the logs and other detailed information will be presented on the right.

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