Any keylogger

How to Monitor Activities for Mac?

You can monitor activity on Mac using Mac activity recording software.
Any Keylogger for Mac is world's best Mac activity recording software that can help you track and record all activities
happened on Mac by recording the activities in forms of text or pictures.

If you put your Mac OS X computer in home or workplace, will you be worried others might use it without your permission? In this case, Any Keylogger for Mac, monitoring software for Mac, is the right choice for you to solve this problem.

After you install this computer monitoring software for Mac onto your Mac, it begins secretly recording every activity on Mac when you are away. This program helps you to track and record your Mac activities in real time and then send you logs via email!

Download Anykeylogger for Mac here and begin monitoring activities on Mac.

It's surprisingly simple

  Firstly configure settings

Click "Settings" in the main interface, choose "Common", configure the time intervals of screenshots here. If you want to set email address to remotely receive logs, click "Email & Logs", you can configure time intervals of automatic log deletion.

  After monitoring, check logs

Navigate to main interface, choose on item you want to view, and then the logs and relevant information will be shown on the right.

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