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How to realize parental control on Mac?

You can realize parental control on Mac using parental control software for Mac.
Any Keylogger for Mac is world's best parental control software for Mac that can help you obtain the logs of what your
children have done on the Mac by recording every operation on target Mac.

If you are father/mother of a young child who are adept at using the computer, you may be worried about his/her online safety, after all, the Internet is a world full of benevolence and malevolence.

Parents should use Any Keylogger for Mac. The software is designed perfectly for Mac parental controls. This parental control software for Mac allows you to see exactly what your child or teenager is doing during their Internet sessions. Are they visiting inappropriate websites? Are they conversing with predators? Now you'll know for sure.

Install the program on your computer and realize parental control on Mac.

Simple but effective

  Preset basic settings

Before monitoring, you should configure the relevant settings about the program. In "common", set time interval of screenshots, if you want to remotely receive logs via email, you can set your email address in "Email & Logs".

  After some time, check logs

After setting, you can go back to the main interface to view logs, click records you want to view and the detailed information will be presented on the right.

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