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Anykeylogger wins millions of users' trust and media awards.

Anykeylogger wins millions of users' trust and media awards.

We regularly obtain users' praise and laudatory reviews for our work.

We serve the best across the world.

What Is Keylogger?

Keylogger is a tool that can monitor keystrokes, record visited websites and applications, etc. it's used for Parental Control, Monitoring Employees and Recording Keystrokes as Backup.

For people who are afraid of computer sudden crashes when they are typing something and fail to store in time, keylogger is a useful tool that can record and store all keystrokes in real time when the computer start.

In addition, keylogger is widely used to monitor children and employees computer use.

keylogger for windows   keylogger for mac

AnyKeylogger for Windows


Any Keylogger, as one of hot monitor software in the world, is widely applied to parental control, employee monitoring and private detective service. It monitors any websites they visited, any programs they run, any characters they typed on the computer.


• Monitor any activities on the computer & internet

• Password protected and easy to use

• Send logs stealthily in background

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AnyKeylogger for Mac


Any Keylogger for Mac OS X can log any online activities on Mac including keystrokes, websites, applications, clipboard and snapshots, which means Passwords typed on Mac and tracks IP address of the target Mac will also be recorded. With the feature of sending log emails, you can access all the logs generated by Any Keylogger for Mac.

• Log all keystrokes and passwords typed and take screenshots

• Record chat transcripts of IM tools, chat transcripts, browsing history

• Send the logs to Email or FTP

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We serve the best across the world.