Any keylogger

Any Keylogger Tech FAQs

There are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Any Keylogger software. If there is no answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

1. How to call out Anykeylogger from background running?
You have 3 ways to run this program when it hides on the background.

Method 1:With Hotkey

Press hotkey of " Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A " to call out it from background. You can use the hotkey to hide/unhide this program.

Method 2: Magic Word

To unhide AnyKeylogger, you can start any program, for example the Notepad or Calc and type the magic word. By default the magic word is "unhidekey". The magic word is not case sensitive. You can also modify the magci word from the General window.

Method 3: Run Command

1.Press WIN+R or use Run dialog in Windows Start menu to activate the application.

2.Enter the command "runkey" to start AnyKeylogger.

Run Dialog

2. How can I hide Anykeylogger?
Presst Hotkey to run/hide Anykeylogger. The default Hotkey is Ctrl + Shift + Alt + A.

3. How to set a login password?
Login password is very important to avoid unauthorized access. To set a login password, Please click "General", Check " Login with password", then enter your password and confirm it. Please remember the password, otherwise you may not be able to access the program.

4. How to change hotkey?
Click" General", under" Hotkey to Run/Hide Anykeylogger", select the hotkey you want to configure. The default hotkey is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A .

5. How to send monitor logs to email?
Click" Delivery", check" Enable Email Logs Features". From the Email Settings window, Choose a mail service to use. We recommend you gmail as it is most compatible and easy to use.
You can use your own by selecting "Other". To make the emailing easier we have already configured mail services; you can choose one from the combo box. The only thing you will have to do is to fill out the To field.

Note: Yahoo mail cannot be used if it's free account.

Send Test Email

Test if the settings are correct by sending an email.
When you have configured your mail service, you can now test it, just click the "Send Test Email" button. After a while (can in some cases take a couple of minutes) a message box will appear to indicate if the mail configuration was correct. If the test mail was successfully sent, you can check your mailbox in a couple of minutes for the incoming test mail.

SMTP Server:
You should query your SMTP server from your email account provider. SMTP server address format is generally as

SMTP Port:
Common Port: 25/465/587

The following list of SMTP and POP3 server should help you if you don't know what mail server you should use for your mail account.
Gmail / / SSL Port 465 StartTLS Port 587 / / StartTLS Port 587
Yahoo Mail / / SSL Port 465
Yahoo Mail Plus / / SSL Port 465
Yahoo UK / SSL Port 465
Yahoo Deutschland / SSL Port 465
Yahoo AU/NZ / SSL Port 465 / SSL Port 465
Hotmail / StartTLS Port 587
O2 Online Deutschland / Port 25
T-Online Deutschland / Port 25 / (SSL) 465
1&1 (1and1) / / StartTLS Port 25 or 587
1&1 Deutschland / / StartTLS Port 25 or 587
Comcast/ 587 / / SSL Port 465

This also varies according to the email address you used.

6. How to configure screenshots?
In" Screenshots" window, you can set capture interval, capture scale, quality here.

7. How to uninstall Anykeylogger?
In" Uninstall" window, you can uninstall this program immediately. You can also uninstall it in a specific date with auto-uninstall feature..

8. How to select specific users to monitor?
In" General" window, choose users account you need to monitor from the drop-down box. By default, the program will monitor all the users.

9. How can I view the specific logs or all logs?
Click" View Logs" button from the status window, you can view specific records by clicking Today/ Last7 /all, and then choose one kind of logs to view.

10. How do I start/stop the Monitoring?
Anykeylogger will automatically run after installation. To stop the monitoring: Switch off the button of "Status". To start the monitoring: Switch on the button of "Status". 

11. Will the user detect Anykeylogger after I install it on the computer?
No, Anykeylogger always works in stealth mode. It will not appear in the taskbar, process list, and the control panel 'add/remove program files' list. Only those who install it know its existence.

12. How can I configure Anykeylogger to monitor specific users?
Choose "General" to select "Only Selected", then you can check user accounts you want to monitor in the users list.

13. What if my anti-virus software blocks Anykeylogger or alerts users of its presence?
It is always a possibility that certain anti-virus software might be able to detect our software or the existence of it outside of our control. In this case, you'd better download a new version from our website and check if the problem fixed.

14. I forget my Keylogger password, what should I do?
Once you lost your password, please contact us via, then will reply you ASAP.

15. Should I uninstall the trial version before installing the full version?
No, please just register the Anykeylogger with your registration License code and the trial version will be turned to full version.

16. What operating systems is Anykeylogger compatible with?
Anykeylogger works on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000 32&64.

17. Does Any Parental Control protect my child from web predators?
A: Yes, Any Parental Control allows you to be aware that some unwanted activity has been attempted to your child. If you see that your child has had such a conversation, you will be able to take the appropriate action to stop that from happening in the future.

18. Is Any Parental Control like the Internet filtering programs?
A: No. The filters are often not very effective. They often don't catch the web sites you want to stay away from, and they sometimes prevent you from visiting completely legitimate sites, while Any Parental Control is more effective in blocking specific websites and it can provides with more functions.

19. Will my children know that I'm monitoring them?
A: No, Any Parental Control runs in hidden mode and cannot be detected by any anti-virus software.

20. How do I block a specific website on my child's computer?
A: You can protect your child from accessing a website that is inappropriate. You preset the keywords that you want to block on your child's computer in "General", and then the program will block the specific websites contained the keywords.

21. How do I block an application in my child's computer?
A: If you think an application is inappropriate for your child to use, you can block it by clicking "General"-> "Application Blocking" and adding the application to the blocked box.

22. How do I restrict my child from accessing the computer during certain hours?
A: You can restrict your children from using the computer during specific time periods and control how much time they spend on the computer. You can set time control by clicking on "General" -> "Time Controls", here you can set time limit per day.

23. Is it possible for my child to turn off Any Parental Control?
A: No, it is not possible for your child to turn off Any Parental Control. It runs in secret mode, your children can hardly find it, and even though they find out it, you can preset password for this program.